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A threading scissor is a specialized tool designed to trim and shape the eyebrows. Eyebrow threading and tweezing are popular methods of eyebrow hair removal. Eyebrow scissors provide a gentler and more controlled approach to shaping the eyebrows.

Threading Scissor

Slique Threading Scissor

The Slique hair threading scissor offers a quick and easy manner to get rid of undesirable hair from numerous parts of the body. Including the eyebrows, face, upper lip, and body. With this tool, you’ve got the potential to preserve whole control over the hair elimination method. Ensuring precision and accuracy every time. Additionally, the Slique hair threading device is designed with your comfort in mind. Making hair removal a painless and comfortable experience.

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The threading technique involves pulling the hair out from the root, which results in a slower regrowth rate. It is also a gentler hair removal method for individuals with sensitive or irritated skin. The Slique threading tool boasts a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to use. And convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

Furthermore, Slique designed the threading scissors to specifically work with high-tensile strength cotton. That is perfectly compatible with the machine. This tool ensures easy and effective use on all hair types and styles.

Slique Threading Scissor Cost

Threading Scissor

At $29.90, it is an affordable alternative to salon services or other hair removal methods that can be costly over time. Additionally, since it is a one-time purchase, the Slique Threading Scissor provides long-term savings. Making it an excellent investment for individuals looking to maintain their grooming routines on a budget.

Slique Threading Scissor Rating On Amazon

Threading Scissor

Top Reviews

The reviewer expressed disappointment with the product, as it stopped working after only 10 minutes of use. And did not come with the refill packs as advertised. They were also unclear on how to tighten the thread, which made it difficult to continue using the tool. Understandably, this would be frustrating, especially considering the excitement the reviewer had for the product initially.

Another reviewer found the tool not user-friendly and not helpful for their eyebrow hair removal needs. They had previously used an electronic tool but found it ineffective for eyebrows. And had hoped the Slique threading tool would work better. Unfortunately, they found the hairs were not coming out and the thread was breaking repeatedly, which made the tool difficult to use. They noted that it may require more practice to use effectively, but they were not sure.

Rating And Reviews Slique Threading Scissor On Ali Express

The reviewers all seem to be very satisfied with their purchase of the product. They all mentioned that the item corresponds to the description provided by the seller. And expressed their gratitude to the seller for their professional dedication. One reviewer specifically mentioned that the product came just like the picture, which shows that the seller accurately represents their products.

Furthermore, the high quality of the product impressed one reviewer despite its low price. Stating that they love it very much. This is a testament to the value and affordability of the product.

The seller accurately represents the product, which is of good quality and affordable, as indicated by the positive reviews overall.

Slique Threading Scissor Rating And Reviews On Flipkart

Threading Scissor

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Final Thoughts

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Based on the reviews, the Slique threading scissor appears to be a popular choice for at-home hair removal, especially for the upper lip and face. The cost-effective price point and convenience of being able to use it at home are major benefits for many individuals. However, it may not work as well for eyebrow threading. As it can be bulky and difficult to use for more precise hair removal.

There were some mixed reviews regarding the effectiveness of the product. Some found it easy to use and effective. While others struggled with thread breakage and difficulty getting the hairs to come out. The tool may require some practice and experimentation to be used effectively. And it may not work for everyone.

Overall, the Slique threading scissor is a good option for those looking to save money on salon services and maintain their grooming routines from home. However, it’s important to carefully follow the instructions and not overwrap the thread to ensure it works properly. With proper use and practice, this tool can be a valuable addition to one’s beauty routine.

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