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Bottom lash extensions have become a well-liked beauty trend that can augment your eyes’ natural appearance and lend them a more distinct definition. These extensions, crafted from synthetic materials like mink or silk and available in different lengths, thicknesses, and curls, are applied individually to correspond to your own lower lashes.

What Are Bottom Lash Extensions?

Bottom lash extensions are artificial lashes that are applied to the lower eyelid. They are similar to the extensions used on the upper lashes extensions but specifically designed to be shorter and thinner. Experienced Lash technician applies individual bottom extensions using a semi-permanent adhesive, which can last up to four weeks.

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They are available in various lengths, thicknesses, and styles to cater to different preferences and eye shapes. Bottom lashes can enhance the natural lashes, add definition and length, and make the eyes appear more significant and dramatic. They are an excellent option for those wanting a more balanced and complete look for their lashes.

How To Do Bottom Lash Extensions Work?

Bottom lashes work similarly to the extensions applied to the upper lashes, with a few key differences. The process involves attaching synthetic lashes to the natural lashes using a semi-permanent adhesive. The lash extension specialist will use a tweezer to isolate a single natural lash and then apply a synthetic lash using glue.

The procedure is carried out repeatedly until the desired outcome is attained. When applying for bottom extensions, the lash extension specialist will use shorter and thinner lashes than those used for the upper lashes. This is because the lower lashes are faster and more delicate than the upper lashes, and the goal is to create a natural and balanced look.

Natural Bottom lashes Extensions Procedure

  1. The client is asked to lie down comfortably on a bed or chair.
  2. The lower lashes are cleaned and prepared for the application process.
  3. The lash extension specialist will use a tweezer to isolate a single natural lash.
  4. A synthetic lash is then applied to the natural lash using a semi-permanent adhesive.
  5. This process is repeated until the desired effect is achieved.
  6. The application process typically takes one to two hours.
  7. After the bottom lash extension application, the lashes can dry for a few minutes.
  8. The client is advised to avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24 to 48 hours after the application.
  9. The Bottom lash extensions can last up to four weeks with proper care and maintenance.

Who Can Get Lower Lash Extension

Anyone who has natural lashes on their lower eyelash line can receive lower lash extensions, but three types of clients may appreciate them more than others.

Mascara Lovers

Many individuals hesitate to let go of their lower lashes enhanced with mascara. However, most mascaras can be damaging to lash extensions and reduce their retention, despite the understandable desire to keep using them. For those who fall into this category, opting for lower lash extensions is an excellent alternative as it minimizes the risk of mascara clumping with upper eyelash extensions set.

Mega Volume Lash Clients

The primary aim of applying for lash extensions on the lower lashes is to achieve a harmonious balance between the top and bottom lashes. Incorporating extensions on the lower lashes can evenly distribute the focus and enhance the overall appearance of the mega-volume lash user’s upper lashes. This technique is particularly useful if the user feels that their top lashes are overly dramatic and need to be toned down.


Bottom eyelash extensions provide a significant advantage for brides, especially those who are prone to tears and want to look their best on their special day. Not only do these extensions enhance their natural beauty, but they also prevent any awkward situations where they may end up with “raccoon eyes”.

Prepping Before Applying Eyelash Extensions To Bottom Lashes

Before applying eyelash extensions to the bottom lashes, it’s essential to prep the area to ensure the best possible results properly. Here are some critical steps to follow:

  1. Cleanse the area: Thoroughly clean the lower lash line using a gentle, oil-free cleanser to remove any makeup or residue. This step creates a clean and dry surface for individual lash extensions to adhere to.
  2. Use under-eye pads: Apply under-eye places to protect the skin and catch any excess adhesive that may drip during application. This step also ensures the lashes are separated and isolated adequately for a more precise application.
  3. Select the appropriate length and curl: Choose the right size and curl of eyelash extensions for the client’s natural lashes and desired look. Matching the length and ring ensures the extensions blend seamlessly with the natural lashes and don’t cause discomfort.
  4. Apply the extensions: Applying lash extensions to each lash using tweezers and a steady hand, separating and isolating each lash to prevent clumping. It’s crucial to apply a high-quality adhesive to each extension precisely for a natural and long-lasting result.
  5. Allow time to dry: Let the extensions dry thoroughly before allowing the client to open their eyes. This step ensures the adhesive fully bonds to the natural lashes, preventing premature shedding or irritation.

How To Apply Bottom Lash Extensions

To apply for bottom lash extensions, follow these simple steps:

  1. Cleanse the lower lash line using a gentle, oil-free cleanser.
  2. Apply under-eye pads to protect the skin and catch any excess adhesive.
  3. Choose the appropriate length and curl for the client’s natural lashes.
  4. Apply the extensions to each lash using tweezers and a high-quality sealant.
  5. Allow time for the extensions to dry thoroughly.

How to Remove The Bottom Lashes?

Taking precautions to avoid getting remover in the eyes is crucial, making professional removal of lash extensions the preferred option. Here are the steps a lash artist may follow to remove bottom lash extensions:

  1. Use a professional eyelash extension remover instead of home remedies that may dissolve the lash glue too quickly.
  2. Apply an eye pad to protect the skin around the eyes.
  3. Apply lash glue remover.
  4. Use tweezers or a swab to remove the extensions after waiting briefly.
  5. Ensure there is no residue left after deducting all extensions.
  6. Brush the lashes into place after they dry.
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How Long Does The Treatment Last?

Compared to upper eyelash extensions, which take around 2.5 hours, applying extensions to the bottom lashes is much quicker. Since the lower lashes are less dense than the upper lashes, using an extension to each lash would be excessive. Only 15-20 extensions can achieve a natural effect, while some people opt for 30-40 extensions depending on the condition of their bottom lashes. As a result, the entire procedure generally takes up to 30 minutes.

How Long Do Bottom Lash Extensions Last?

One of the most significant drawbacks of bottom eyelash extensions is their limited lifespan, lasting up to 14 days (2 weeks). Compared to upper eyelash extensions, which can last 6-8 weeks, lower eyelash extensions are smaller and more prone to falling off when you rub your eyes or wash your face. To maintain a complete set of bottom lash extensions, it is necessary to have infills performed every three to four weeks to ensure they appear sparse.

Lower Lash Extension Mapping

Lower lash extension mapping is a process where an eyelash artist creates a detailed plan to apply extensions to the lower lash line. It involves identifying the length, thickness, and direction of the natural lashes to ensure a precise and natural-looking application. The mapping process starts with evaluating the client’s natural lashes to determine the appropriate extension length, thickness, and curl.

Learn more in this guide:

Lash Mapping Styles: The Basics Of Customized Lash Styling

Maintenance Of Bottom Lash Extensions

Maintaining your bottom lash extensions is crucial to ensure they last as long as possible and look their best. Here are some tips for keeping your bottom extensions:

  1. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes to prevent premature lash extension fallout.
  2. Use a gentle, oil-free cleanser to clean your face, including the lower lash line. Avoid products with oils that can break down the adhesive.
  3. Don’t expose your eyelash extensions to water or steam for at least 24 hours after application to allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly and bond.
  4. Regularly brush your lash extensions with a clean spoolie brush to prevent tangling or clumping.
  5. Avoid using mascara on your lower eyelash extensions to prevent clumping and fallout. Consider getting a lash tint instead.
  6. Schedule regular touch-up appointments every few weeks to maintain a complete and even look. Your eyelash artist will replace any fallen extensions with new ones.

Do Bottom Eyelash Extensions Harm Your Natural Lashes?

Bottom eyelash extensions, like any eyelash extension, can potentially cause harm to your natural lashes if not applied or maintained correctly. Here are some possible risks that you should take into account:

  1. Weight: Depending on the type and thickness of the extensions, they may add weight and tension to your natural lashes, which can cause them to become weak and break.
  2. Glue: The adhesive used to apply the extensions can cause irritation or an allergic reaction if you’re sensitive to it.
  3. Damage during application or removal: If you apply or remove the extensions incorrectly, they can damage or even cause your natural lashes to fall out.

Can You Use Makeup on Bottom Lash Extensions?

Generally, experts do not recommend using makeup on bottom eyelash extensions. Because it can cause the extensions to become clumpy, weigh them down, and shorten their lifespan. Additionally, some makeup products can contain oils and other ingredients that may break down. The adhesive used to attach the extensions, caused them to fall out prematurely. If you absolutely must use makeup on your bottom lashes, there are a few tips you can follow to minimize any potential damage to the extensions.

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First, avoid using mascara on the bottom lashes as much as possible. If you must use mascara, choose a water-based, non-fiber mascara and apply it very sparingly. You can also use a small brush or wand to apply eyeliner or eyeshadow to your bottom lash line, being careful not to touch the actual eyelash extensions. And when removing makeup, use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover, and avoid rubbing or pulling at the lashes.


Eyelash technicians often apply for the bottom and upper eyelash extensions simultaneously, so it’s important to maintain the same aftercare routine. Keeping the lashes dry for the first 24 hours after the procedure is crucial, and it’s not overly complicated. To do so, it’s advisable to avoid activities such as taking extended showers, swimming, steaming, or crying. Additionally, it’s essential to steer clear of oil-based products and eye makeup, particularly mascara.

Bottom Lash Extensions Cost

The pricing for bottom lash extensions typically falls between $30 to $100. The cost varies depending on factors such as the number of lashes used, the salon’s location, and the lash artist’s skill level. Note that if the pricing is based on the number of extensions, it is important to add approximately 15 to 30 extensions per eye.

Bottom Lash Extensions – Key Takeaways

While the addition of bottom eyelash extensions may seem like a minor change. They can significantly enhance the appearance of your eyes, creating a subtle yet impactful effect similar to wearing eyeliner. These extensions can create a wider and more balanced look between the top and bottom lashes. Although they do require some maintenance, the benefits are well worth it. Although they do not have the same longevity as upper eyelash extensions. This should not deter you from considering them, particularly if you are a makeup enthusiast and require them for a special occasion.

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